46th  Chesil Championships 2018










Alana, Tracey & Tom Marley from the Angling Centre West Bay

Seventy five anglers signed on for the 46th Chesil Champs hosted by West Bay Sea Angling Club and sponsored by The Angling Centre West Bay on Sunday 25th March 2018. The competition was fished between Burton Bradstock in the west to Dragonís Teeth, Abbotsbury to the east & once again we included the East pier at West Bay to accommodate those less able to fish the beaches. The competitors enjoyed a wonderful day weather wise, with those not catching fish at least catching the sun. After six hours of fishing twenty anglers had managed to catch weighable fish, species caught were; plaice, whiting, ray, dab, pout, dogfish & rockling . Once again any ray or smoothound were measured and released. Total weight of fish caught was 14kg 684g

Gary Loveless from Three Counties SAA was top with a small eyed ray of 52cm for a total of 2kg 599g; runner up was James Madsen with 1kg  576g and third was Dave Lane with 1kg 361g. As no lady or junior managed to catch weighable fish it was decided to draw the winner out of the hat and the lucky lady was Debbie Jones & the junior was Alisha Cleal. 

Gary, James & Dave won their share of a very healthy  £375 super pool in addition to the top prize of £250 for the winner, £150 for second and £100
for third. Cash prizes were awarded down to eighth position, there was also a healthy prize table for the top ten anglers, a big thank you to all those that donated prizes to the event

The flatfish pool was won by James Madsen with a plaice of 876g and the round fish pool was won by Gary Loveless with a small eyed ray of 2kg 599g.

All those that came back to the presentation and did not manage to weigh fish in were entered into the no fish draw.

Top ten places as follows:

Pos Name Weight
1st Gary Loveless 2kg 599g
2nd James Madsen 1kg 576g
3rd Dave Lane 1kg 361g
4th Julian Shambrook 1kg 342g
5th Daniel Crump 1kg 207g
6th Adam Cullingford 1kg 198g
7th Rick Dorgan 872g
8th Chris Equall 782g
9th Rob Marshall 682g
10th Dave Hatcher 425g
Top Lady Debbie Jones  
Top Junior Alisha Cleal  

West Bay S.A.C. would like to thank their sponsors who put up the main cash prizes: The Angling Centre West Bay. We would also like to thank all those that donated prizes; West Bay Water Sports Ltd, Pure Fishing, Daiwa, Tronix, Akios, Walker Masterline, Drennan International, Leeda, D Kiddy, Swift Fishing Tackle, Vass, Svendsen Sports, Devon Baits (Martin Cocks Ltd), Otterdeane Products, Whitby, Breakaway Tackle, Martin Jones & Gemini Tackle. The club would also like to thank Bridport Football Club for the use of the Beehive for the presentation.


Gary Loveless the winner being presented the trophy by Tom Marley from The Angling Centre (Gary also won the best round fish pool)
Top Junior: Alisha Cleal Heaviest Flatfish: James Madsen
Winner of the no fish prize for the second year running