Due to the rough sea the first match of the year on the 1st January had to be cancelled. A few days later Steve Harwood went fishing off Chesil  Beach and caught a huge Undulate Ray weighing 14lb 2oz (pictured left), which once weighed was returned alive back in the sea. Other fish caught off Chesil were a Conger eel weighing 16lb, and some dogfish, whiting and pout,

The Club League at present is

1st S.Harwood10 points
2nd C.Horton7 points
3rd J.Leighton 6 points
4th. K.Martin 5 points

Since the start of the year all fish caught in Club matches are recorded and released.


21st January 2018.
Malvin Chambers has decided to step forward and become the Junior Secretary for this year. The committee would like to thank and welcome him.

16th October 2016.
The club shore record for couch's bream that has stood since 2005 has been broken by Gerry Reed. Gerry caught a 375g one at Chesil Cove on the 13th October. Well done Gerry

21st May 2016.
The Andy Neal match on the 4th June has had to be moved to the 11th June, this is due to the date for the Chesil Champs.

Also the Thursdays Night match on the 9th June Cogden has had to change venue to Abbotsbury due to no reply regarding access from the National Trust.


2nd April 2016.
James Leighton has caught a new shore outside club waters record mackerel of 583 gms. this beats the previous record held by PJ Wheeler since 1997 by 158 gms.
The fish was caught at Slapton Sands on Good Friday,
bait was squid fished on a pop up using size 1 hook, well done James.





1st March 2016.
Following on from the recent ruling on specimen claims for bass from the AT, the committee have decided that (until July 1st):

· Bass may be weighed and released immediately in line with current practices and be entered for club/AT honours.

· If no certified scales are available the length may be recorded for AT specimen claims only.

· No bass to be entered for shore matches

· Bass may still be entered for junior and boat matches where weigh/measure and release is currently practiced

1st March 2016.
At tonight's committee meeting we presented a cheque for £132 to the RNLI this money was raised at last years RNLI open competition that the club runs yearly.
The cheque was collected by Martin Newbury (on right) who is the chairman of the Bridport Branch of the RNLI.







3rd February 2015.
This year’s Wyvern Division presentation took place on 31st January in Exeter and, for the first time in the club’s history, the overall winner of the Castle Trophy which is for the best overall specimen of the year from shore or boat, was won by West Bay S.A.C.’s Derek Smith with a shore caught blonde ray of 16lb 8oz, 206% specimen. Fourteen clubs signed up for the trophy raising £140 for the winner’s chosen charity and Derek chose the R.N.L.I. (Lyme Regis station). Other club members to win an award on the night was Frances Kitchin, senior shore fish of the month for July, and Charlie Lawson, runner-up junior boat fish of the month for September. Also, several other members were awarded certificates for Wyvern records broke during the year. Pictured is Derek Smith (centre) with chair of the Bridport branch R.N.L.I. Martin Newbury (left) and club president Dave Cornick (right).


3rd February 2015
It has been decided that as most members use the club's Facebook page, we are going to close the forum page which hasn't been used for at least a year.

18th January 2015.
Only two and a half weeks into the new year and another club shore record has been broken, yet again by Ian Draper. This time he caught a conger eel of 56lb 7oz 225.75% specimen.
Photo courtesy of R Guppy

2nd January 2015,.
Only two days into the new year and a club record that has stood since 1959 has been broken. The record in question was for a pouting of 1kg 190g caught by C Waterfall in 1959
but on 2nd January 2015 Ian Draper (pictu
red right) managed to land a pouting of 1kg 247g beating the old record by 57grams. The pouting is also a specimen of 183%, well done Ian.

Photo courtesy of H Smith.







7th December 2014.
At the club's AGM tonight a proposal was passed to bring in a family membership rate of £30 this will cover two partners and two dependant children any additional dependant children will be £5 each. Also a cheque for £250 was handed over to The new Bridport R.N.L.I. chair, Martin Newbury, this was raised at our R.N.L.I open shore match earlier in the year.

30th August 2014.
The new line bins have now been installed on the East pier and Jurassic pier at West Bay. Please use them for any waste line you have when fishing the piers.

16th February 2014.
There has been a large cliff fall along East Cliff today, this is due to all the bad weather we are having.

7th February 2014.
I have added a link on the home page, when clicked this will take you to the Lyme Regis live weather page. This will show you what the weather is like at Lyme Regis at that moment in time. This is a live app and updates constantly.

5th November 2013.
The club presented the money raised for the RNLI to Mr. Peter Jackson (Left in pic) from the Bridport Branch of the RNLI. The cheque totalled £230.





12th October 2013,
Please note that the Daytime match due to be fished next Sunday 20th October has been postponed to the following week, the 27th October, same time and venue; this is due to a clash with the Charity Open match on the same day. The club wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused to any members and was due to circumstances beyond the club’s control.

18th August 2013.
Today the club held their annual crabbing competition at West Bay in aid of the RNLI, the competition was open to all ages. The turnout was disappointing with only eleven competitors signing on, but those that took part had an enjoyable two hours crabbing around the harbour. Thanks to those people who donated prizes we had a prize for under 16's and under, over 16's  and for the overall winner of the two age groups. The winners were decided by the person catching the heaviest weight of up to five crabs, some good weights were recorded but a little lad called Luke aged 4 weighed in a great catch with a weight of 664 grams which was more than twice the weight of his nearest rival, this meant Luke not only won the under 16's prize he also won the competition overall and was crowned the West Bay Crabbing Champion 2013. The club would like to thank the following for their kind donations; Fladen Fishing Tackle, Nick Fisher, the Tackle Box Lyme Regis, the Angling Centre West Bay & Richard "Tiny" Daw.

Under 16's Winner: Luke (aged 4) 664gms
Over 16's Winner: Katy Frost 262gms
Overall Winner & Crabbing Champion 2013: Luke 664gms.

Luke is pictured right holding the trophy.

28th April 2013.
The Sunday Daytime match on 5th May 2013 has had to be moved from West Bay to West Bexington due to the power boat racing at West Bay. Times will stay the same. We apologise for the short notice but the shore secretary has only just found out about the race.

9th April 2013,
A quiz night has been arranged for members and their guests. This will be taking place on Friday, 3rd May at the Salthouse, West Bay. The quiz will be starting at 7.30 pm with an admission fee of £2. Teas and coffees will be available on the night and you are welcome to bring along your own drinks if you wish.

17th March 2013,

The daytime match on 7th april at West Bexington has had to be changed to the 21st April at West Bexington.

6th February 2013,
It is with great sadness that I have to report that Steve Marley from the Angling Centre West Bay passed away today he will be missed by all who knew him. our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

30th January 2013,
This years Chesil Champs on 14th April is being sponsored by Seaton Angling Centre. the first prize will be £300 this year. Why not visit Seaton Angling Centre,s web site here

2nd January 2013,
Mike Hansell has now officially set a new British record for a boat caught baillon's wrasse. Mike caught the wrasse in Lyme Bay on 30th  July 2011, it was weighed on the club scales at 235 gram, The British Record (rod caught) Fish Committee ratified the record on 14th December 2012 at 230 gram. Congratulations to Mike.

25th September 2012,
With in the last week two club records have fallen the first caught on 20th September at West Bexington. During the club's Thursday night match Tony Colls landed a undulate ray of 4 kg 130 g (pic to the right)  setting a new club record. The second was caught on 22nd September during the Saturday Junior Comp on East pier. Jamie Salvador-Swords caught a lesser weever of 40 g Beating the existing record which has stood since 2005 by 3 grams. Well done to them both.

9th September 2012.
Just to let you all know how my father Frank Daw is doing after his stroke on 24th August 2012. He is coming along great, luckily his limbs are not affected very much but he gets confused. We hope to get him out of hospital soon and into a home. Hopefully in time he will be able to go fishing again on the piers. He thanks everyone for their kind wishes.

7th July 2012,
Due to the extreme weather conditions we have had to cancel tonight's RNLI open competition.

2nd April 2012,
As you know the club takes out public liability insurance through the Angling Trust scheme and is a necessary requirement for running open competitions, using Cogden Beach, juniors on the pier etc. etc. and of course for the general day to day running of the club.

This year , however, the insurers have made extra demands in order to maintain our cover in that it now requires a published and distributed risk assessment for all the club's events including social events. In light of this I have prepared an initial statement which I hope covers most eventualities which will be reviewed every January before our insurance renewal date.

Another requirement made by the insurance company was the appointment of a Health and Safety Officer which Rod Barr has kindly offered to undertake. If anyone has any issues with health and safety or with the Safety and Risk Assessment statement then all queries should be made to him. Also, first aid kits are now required to be carried by whoever is the match steward on the day. This has been implemented and kits will be kept in the steward's car.

To read the Safety and Risk Assessment Statement Please click here

9th February 2012.
I would like to thank all those that sent their Species Trophy forms in, the winner will be announced at the Dinner & Dance in March. For the second year running no juniors have sent in a form so the junior Species Trophy will go un-presented again. If only one junior had sent in their form they would have won the trophy. Good luck to you all for 2012

11th October 2011.
The Sunday Daytime match on 13th November 2011, has been brought forward to the 6th November 2011 (same venue). This is  due to the Weymouth Cod Open competition being on the 13th November 2011, as they will be using Abbotsbury.

11th October 2011.
On 4th October Peter Jackson, chairman of the Bridport Branch R.N.L.I., attended the West Bay S.A.C.’s committee meeting at Haddon House where club president, Fred Bowditch, was pleased to present a cheque for £155.78. The money was raised during the club’s R.N.L.I Open Match back in July and is run annually.


14th September 2011.
The clothing section on the Club Merchandise page has been removed as the prices have changed and we have had no orders for a long time. if you do require clothing with the club design please contact the committee for an up to date price.

25th August 2011.
It was noticed on Monday 21st August that the line bin on the Jurassic pier was missing. It is such a shame as it was somewhere for people to put their fishing line waste in so that it could be recycled and not just left strewn on the pier. If anyone has seen the bin or anybody tampering/stealing it please contact me on 07977365068.

8th August 2011
Some info on a couple of open matches being held in Lyme Regis. The first is the Big Fish Weekend in aid of Help For Heroes, this is held from Friday 2nd September to Sunday 4th September and is shore based. (this comp does clash with our own Wally Pettet 2 day match, but i hope you will support this if you can). For more info Click Here.

The second event is the Black Bream Festival, which is a boat comp. This takes place on Sunday 25th September 2011, 09.00 - 1700. For more info Click Here

9th July 2011, Press Officer Resigns.
Our Press Officer Richard "Tiny" Daw has resigned from the position forthwith.
In an email sent to the chair and committee Richard said "It is with deep sadness I feel I must resign from the committee as Press Officer forthwith. Any queries to do with the press or publicity please contact the Chair Rod Barr.

7th July 2011.
At the committee meeting on Tuesday 5th July a resolution was passed to ban overhead casting on the piers at West Bay. A resolution was also passed to remind members to obey all signs on the piers.

1st May 2011.
On Easter Sunday 24th April Connor Hallett did his sponsored bike ride at the Leisure Centre Bridport, he was doing the ride to raise funds so that he could take part in the Home International Shore Championships in Ireland later this year as part of the England Junior Team. Connor decided that he would cycle 35 miles on the exercise bike, he managed to do this distance in 2 hours 13 minutes, he burned 770 calories which he soon replaced with a cooked breakfast at West Bay (he did deserve it, well done Connor). On the day a representative from Brit Valley Rotary Club came along to offer funding for this year and if he is selected again in 2012 for that year. Connor would like to thank West Bay Sea Angling Club, The Angling Centre West bay, Seaton Tackle, Weymouth Angling Centre, the staff at Ultra Electronics, Step up funding from Sir John Colfox School, Brit Valley Rotary Club, Joan & Dick Robins for organising a coffee morning and raffle, His Great Gran & all the individuals who sponsored him. Hopefully once the money is collected in he will reach the target required.

22nd March 2011.
Congratulations to Connor Hallett as he has been chosen to represent England at the home Internationals in Northern Ireland later this year. Connor will need to raise between £800 & £1000 to cover all costs as he will receive no money from sport England towards  this unlike other sports, so to raise funds he will be doing a sponsored bike ride on one of Bridport Leisure Centres bikes. He aims to cycle 35 miles, if you would like to sponsor him there are forms available at the Angling Centre West Bay and Seaton Tackle shop. If anyone would like to offer help to Connor please contact Tiny on 07977365068 and i will put you in touch with him. Good luck Connor.

23rd January 2011
Don't forget that the Species Trophy forms for 2010 are due in by the 31st January. It does say on the form to return to the secretary but as we do not have one at the moment please place in an envelope and return to the Angling Centre West Bay marked for the attention of Tiny. If any have sent them to Tiny's old address please let me know ASAP on 07977365068 so I can try to retrieve them . Due to this change I am now giving you till 14th February to return them

4th January 2011

Congratulations to Jonathon Trevett who has just officially set a British record (Mini Species) for the Connemara Sucker that he caught from Weymouth pier on 12th July 2009, the fish weighed 10 g. The record was ratified on 14th December 2010.

14th November 2010
This years date for our AGM has had to be changed to the Sunday 5th December 2010 at Haddon House Hotel West Bay.

14th November 2010
At the last committee meeting on 2nd November a cheque for £150 was presented to Peter Jackson of the Bridport RNLI. This was the money we made at our RNLI open match in July

6th July 2010
No Silver Eels are to be weighed in in matches or for club records until further notice.

4th July 2010.
On the 1st June 2010 the Environment Agency introduced a new bye law with regards the taking of fish, the section that applies to sea anglers is Byelaw 3 section iii which states:

No person may remove by rod and line any eels or, subject to the provisions of sections 9 and 28P of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, shad from any waters.
Subject to the provisions of sections 9 and 28P of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Byelaw 3 shall not apply to any person who with as little injury as possible either returns fish immediately to the same water alive or retains fish in a keepnet or keepsack and then returns it to the same water alive on or before completion of fishing.

This covers estuaries and coastal waters up to six nautical miles. The committee will be discussing the implication for our club at the next committee meting on 6th July.

21st May 2010:
At the EGM on 4th May these two proposals for changes to the constitution were passed,

1. To replace rule 13a: The general committee may at it’s absolute discretion terminate or suspend the membership of any member whose conduct is, in the opinion of the general committee, contrary to the best interests of the club or injurious to it’s reputation, without giving a reason for so doing.

With: Members of the club whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by any rules or bylaws may be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed at a committee meeting where their entrance fee and subscriptions may be forfeited. Members shall have the right to appeal in person to the committee with regard any decision affecting themselves, provided that notice of such appeal be submitted to the secretary, in writing, within seven days of notification of the decision. 

For 13,               Against 0,                   Abstain 0        Proposal Carried.

 2. To add the following rule to the constitution as rule 15


          15a) If at any committee meeting of the club, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the club, the secretary shall immediately convene an extraordinary general meeting of the club to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

15b) If at the extraordinary general meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the full members present at the meeting, the committee shall thereupon, or at such a date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the club and discharge all debts and liabilities of the club.

15c) After discharging all debts and liabilities of the club, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the full members of the club but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objects similar to those of the club.

For 13,                        Against 0,                   Abstain 0,       Proposal Carried.
An update for your Club Handbook will be sent out with the next newsletter.

6th April 2010,
The committee has called an Extraordinary General Meeting for 4th May 2010 at the Haddon House Hotel 7.30pm.

5th February 2010
Steven Rathbone and Oliver Mears have once again been chosen for the 2010 England Junior Shore Fishing team, Steven will be travelling to Portugal later this year to fish the world championships. Oliver will be fishing the home internationals in Scotland this year, The committee wishes them both well. Also this year Connor Hallett has been chosen to join the England Squad, lets hope he makes the team one day, well done Connor.

31st January 2010
QUIZ NIGHT: The club has organised another quiz night at the Salthouse West Bay, the date 27th February 2010, the time 7.00pm, the cost Adults £1 Children free. The quiz will start at 7.30pm, tea, coffee and nibbles will be provided, Adults may bring your own alcoholic drinks if you wish. So come and have a cheap fun night out.

14th November 2009
This years Junior v Parents match had to be cancelled due to the extreme weather members of the committee felt it would be totally unsafe to allow anyone to fish the match even within the harbour, as someone may have been washed/blown in. The members of the committee do not take these decisions lightly, but your safety is paramount. The match will now be fished on 28th November on east pier to the same times.

7th November 2009.
Next year (2010) there will be two new trophies up for grabs, The Senior Species Trophy & The Junior Species Trophy. Both these trophies will be presented to the senior/junior member that catches the most different species throughout the club year, in or out of competition, from boat or shore & anywhere within the united Kingdom, there will be no minimum size as all under sized fish are to be returned alive. As you renew your membership next year you will receive a record sheet in your membership pack, it will be your responsibility to keep a record and adhere to the rules. I wish you all luck for 2010.

26th October 2009
A proposal was put forward at the last committee meeting: "Members must not fish were their is no public access, I.e. Portland Harbour, and the apron on the end of the Jurassic pier. Where there is a sign that says No Access". during club matches the notices must be obeyed. I have checked with our insurers on this and they say " The issue would be that the club would be knowingly advising their members to go into an area that the local council have advised them not to due to the danger of the area. The problem with that is that it could be seen as a deliberate act which would mean that the policy would not cover it". This rule came into effect on 7th October 2009. Please adhere to this rule as the club will not be held responsible if you break it and get injured.

10th September 2009
Today saw the placing of the Sea Clean fishing line bin on the Jurassic Pier at West Bay. The line bin has been sponsored by our club, we hope that everyone will use it to deposit unwanted fishing line & hooks. The fishing line will be recycled and the hooks disposed of safely. If this bin proves a success the club may sponsor more of them for other sites in West Bay




1st September 2009
At tonight's committee meeting we handed a cheque over to Mr Peter Jackson Chairman of the Bridport branch of the RNLI for £200, this was the money raised at our RNLI open match in July. Due to our President being unable to attend the meeting due to ill health the cheque was handed over by Maureen Jackson our chair.





11th August 2009
The clubs Fish Recorder Dave Cornick has broken the club record for a smoothound caught out side club waters whilst fishing at Shurton Reef, Hinckley Point. The old record of 7 kg 870 g set by Hugh Rathbone and has stood for 8 years was beaten by only 11 g. The new record stands at 7 kg 881 g.




13th July 2009
Well done to Steven Rathbone & Oliver Mears who help the England Junior Team win gold at the Home International in Wales over the weekend.

7th July2009.
At the committee meeting tonight Oliver Mears attended to request a bursary towards the cost of participating at the Home Internationals as part of the England Junior Team. As he met the criteria he was duly given the bursary and the clubs best wishes for the forth coming match.

Ollie receiving the cheque from the Clubs President Fred Bowditch.

25th June 2009.
On 27th June 2009 We will have a stand at the Bridport Food Festival at Askers Meadow Bridport. Come and meet us and ask us questions about the club or fishing we will do our best to answer them for you.

7th March 2009.
Dave Chidzoy & Steven Rathbone have once again been chosen to represent the England Team for the home internationals being held in Wales later this year (Dave will fish for the Senior Team & Steven will fish for the Junior Team). Also added to the Junior Team this year is Junior club member Oliver Mears. This is a great achievement for the three of them & the club, it shows we must be doing something right. I hope you will join the committee in wishing them congratulations and the best of luck for the competitions.

18th February 2009, Sport England Calls on Anglers
The Angling Trust is calling on all anglers who are members of an angling club, and young anglers, to take part in a new survey. One thousand anglers must register for the survey if angling is to be eligible to receive the promised four year funding package of £1.56m from Sport England and any future funding.
Sport England has commissioned the survey to establish what is important to people when they take part in sport and how satisfied they are with the quality of their experience. The survey goes live in March 2009, however we need anglers to register their details now so that Ipsos MORI who are conducting the research can contact them directly.
The registration process takes about two minutes. All personal details supplied will be held in the strictest confidence and used solely for the purposes of this study.

There are two surveys:

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust urged every club angler in the country to complete the survey commenting: “This is an opportunity for anglers to have their say about their experience when they go fishing. The results will help guide our work over the next few years and will affect future funding decisions from Sport England for angling. Please help!”.

If you have any questions please visit the page on the Sport England Website or email a member of the Ipsos MORI team at

18th February 2009,
A completely new club record has been accepted for Baillion's Wrasse, caught by Graham Stephenson out of West Bay in 2006. This fish has taken three years to be identified, the original fish was lost by the Royal Mail on route to the Natural History Museum for identification, luckily some photo's were taken at the time which have helped us to identify the fish.

25th January 2009.
The club is holding a quiz night in the Salthouse West Bay. Entry is £2 per person, coffee will be available on the night but you can bring your own drinks if you wish. (the question will not all be about fishing)

Also i have another link for you, If you care about the future of recreational sea angling then please visit the Government web site through the link below and sign this very important email petition opposing the EU Article 47 proposals to control and regulate Sea Angling from boats.

18th January 2009.
Lyme Bay: closure of an area to scallop dredging and heavy trawling gear. Invitation to participate in a research project on the economic impact

On the 11th July 2008 the UK government decided to close sixty square miles of Lyme Bay from scallop dredges and heavy demersal trawls in order to provide protection against damage to marine ecosystems incurred as a result of towed benthic gear. The area however, remains open to anglers, scuba divers, fishermen using pots and nets and other recreational users. Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), University of Plymouth and Marine Biological Association of the UK have since been awarded a contract by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to monitor, over the next three years, the economic, social and ecological impacts of the 60 square nautical mile closed area. PML will specifically assess the impact of the closure from economic and social perspectives. As part of our remit we will aim to interview all relevant stakeholders to build an accurate picture of the socio-economic implications of the closure to them.

We are therefore inviting you to take part in this research and to complete the following questionnaire. Please try to fill in the questionnaire as honestly and thoroughly as possible. We know that your time is valuable and we have therefore developed a questionnaire which should not take long to complete. Your opinion matters and your response is therefore extremely important if the results are to truly reflect the opinion of the stakeholder community in Lyme Bay. Answers given will remain confidential and only aggregated data will be used in the analysis and reporting. By taking part in this questionnaire you are consenting to the use of the data you provide for the purpose of this research. Please click on the link to go to questionnaire page

29th December 2008.
New ballan wrasse club record set, Michael Stokes whilst visiting his grandparents for Christmas decided to go fishing at Portland. Whilst there he managed to catch a new club record ballan wrasse of 2 kg 340 g (picture in photo gallery) so well done Michael.

18th December 2008.
At this years AGM a resolution was passed that means a junior member of the club is classed as a junior as long as they are under 17 yrs on 1st January when they join or renew their membership to the club.

6th November 2008.
Please remember all proposals for this years AGM which will be held on 2nd December at Haddon House Hotel West Bay must be in the secretaries hand no later than midnight Tuesday 11th November.

26th October
Steven Rathbone recently became the Under 16 World Champion, when he fished with the England Junior Team in Barcelona. Full report can be found on the junior page

5th June 2008

As some of you may already know that since April 2008 Tope have now become catch and release, due to this the committee has decided that if you catch a Tope and wish to claim a record or to enter for specimen the fish must be weighed on certified scales and immediately released. for a code of best practice for handling of Tope please go to

6th May 2008
You will remember that last year Steven Rathbone was chosen to fish for the England Junior Team in the Home Internationals in Ireland, Steven helped the team to win the silver medal. On the 6th May 2008 Steven Rathbone attended a committee meeting to talk to the committee about his being chosen to fish in the England junior team to fish the world shore fishing championship in Barcelona later this year. Steven was also a reserve for the  home internationals in Kent, but learnt on the night he will now be fishing the home internationals as someone is unable to attend. Steven was also awarded a bursary from the club to help towards the costs of the trips. the committee congratulated Steven on his wonderful achievement and wished him well in the matches and we hope the England team can go one better this year and win the gold. The picture is Steven receiving his bursary from chair Maureen Jackson.

21st March 2008.Government shelves plans for a sea fishing licence for the moment.
On the 19th March the government abandoned its current plans to impose a sea angling licence. for more on this story please see

5th March 2008.
At last nights committee meeting a proposal on the weighing in of foul hooked fish was passed. The new club rule is; fish hooked in front of gill opening to be allowed to be weighed in in club closed competitions and for all awards.

5th March 2008.
Dave Chidzoy came to Februarys committee meeting to request a Bursary, as he had been chosen for the NFSA England squad. As Dave had filled the required criteria, the committee were pleased to present him with the clubs first ever bursary, and wished Dave well with the up and coming squad day, where the England team would be chosen. Since the squad day Dave has now learnt he has been chosen to fish for England at the home internationals in 2008, Well done Dave. The photo shows Dave receiving his bursary from club president Fred Bowditch.

27th January 2008.
DEFRA is carrying out a consultation on Recreational Sea Angling. Please visit their website at  and read the document then comment on it. This is the time for all sea anglers to have their say so speak up for YOUR sport.

10th January 2008.
On your club size limits 5 bearded rockling are 20cm", this has now changed to 18cm" with immediate effect.

10th January 2008.
The club has now decided to go with the NFSA rule on pennel rigs "An angler is permitted fish with no more than two rods with up to three hooks or two pennel mounted baits, one on each rod at any one time, so constructed that the measurement between the eyes of the two hooks does not exceed 10cm" (shore Angling) see diagram.


6th November 2007
At tonight's committee meeting it was proposed that no match can be moved except for bad weather, the proposal was passed by the committee.

16th September 2007

As the editor of your newsletter i am trying to make it a better read for you all, if you have any ideas please let me know (contact details on contact page) I am going to add a for sale, swap, free and looking for to this newsletter so if you have anything in those headings let me have them no later than 26th September

24th August 2007, Melplash Show

As usual the club had a stand at this years Melplash Show, The stand was to promote our club and the sea angling jetty. as always people came and asked us lots of questions about both. We also ran a free prize quiz and the winner was Mr R Livesey of Bridport who signed up as a member at the show, he was very pleased with his prize of rod & reel.

13th July 2007 England win silver
Earlier this year Steven Rathbone was chosen to fish for the England Junior Team. The first match he fished for the England Juniors was in Ireland, to fish the home internationals against Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Full report and photo's Click Here

23rd June 2007 Press release re Angling Jetty

As the initiator of the campaign to have a sea angling jetty at West Bay it has become clear that the “Facts”, the reality of that campaign, the specific reasons for it and the position to date need to be clearly stated. Much of the information given out during the recent “Flurry” of political activity has been inaccurate mainly because those giving it have not been involved prior to the recent elections and have not taken the time to fully understand the issues.
            The design of the new Jurassic pier was purely for sea defence and made no provision for angling to continue. The rock armour preventing fishing from the outer walls. The custom and practice of fishing from both piers was dismissed and not given any importance. Equal opportunities was also ignored as the young and old, the disabled and those not competent enough to fish the dangerous Chesil Beach lost the space to pursue their sport.
            This is not only a local issue for the West Bay Sea Angling Club but for the business community in the Bay. Revenue was lost because the numerous holidaymakers who came to fish from the piers stopped coming and therefore the revenue they brought also stopped. An economic impact survey commissioned by the Bridport Community Initiative was carried out by an independent research team from Bournemouth university. They concluded that the equivalent of twelve jobs worth of money came into the bay via anglers who brought families who stayed in local accommodation, bought food, bait, sundries, went on charter boats and went shopping in Bridport.
            The Town Council fully supported the initiative for the jetty as did the Town & District councillors of all parties who voted to give the money for the foundation pillars when Fred Bowditch the president of the angling club and myself then press officer presented the need to the various committees before presenting a petition to the Executive committee of West Dorset District Council. The supporting columns (the rusting pillars) had to be in position before the rock armour or could not have been placed at all. In retrospect a more appropriate structure would be one integral to the pier rather than attached to it, because currently the risk assessment of the structure is as much a problem as the cost. The original build was estimated at £250,000 this rose to £400,000 as the type of surface and materials needed to withstand the pounding of the sea and the cost of the build itself was discussed. Should the jetty be built to stand for 25 or 50 years, the more money spent on the initial build could alleviate a costly expense on maintenance.
            A steering group has been in place for the past four years with representatives from all political parties, the angling club & W.D.D.C Engineering department. The need for an accountable body is paramount if major grants are to be won. A local trust was considered but discounted as the insurance alone would be in the region of £8,000 per annum. The major breakthrough came in November 2005 when following a meeting with Steve Woollard, Technical Services Manager for W.D.D.C he agreed that, I quote “W.D.D.C are best placed to be the accountable body to manage the construction and insure the facility because it will form part of the harbour infrastructure subject to members approval and funding from an external source”. It is this statement that the Bridport Town Council sought verification of following a meeting at Bridport Town hall on march 27th 2007 when the directors of W.D.D.C David Evans and David Clarke presented the options of the regeneration of West Bay. It is the response to this statement that will determine any further action on the Sea Angling Jetty at West Bay. Many people have pledged money for the project to the sum of £29,536.09, and the Angling Club has been granted £20,000 for the jetty from 106 funding plus £100,000 ring fenced by the District Council. The hope is that the water has not been too “muddied” to allow for a continuation of the considered, patient if very slow progress that the steering group has made to date.

Maureen Jackson
Bay Sea Angling Club

25th March 2007 Your club needs you!!
On Tuesday 27th March their is a council meeting in the town hall in Bridport, This is about the regeneration of West Bay and which of two schemes to spend £1.3 million on. but there is no mention of the jetty in either scheme, so we are asking members to attend the meeting and to try and put the jetty back on the agenda. The meeting is at 7.00pm at the town hall.

21st February 2007.
I received an Email alerting me to a petition on the internet for the banning of Gill Nets, please click the following link and if you agree with the banning of Gill nets sign the petition now.

19th February 2007.
Dave Chidzoy sets new club record for Ballan Wrasse of 2 kg 330 g (5 lb 2 oz). Also congratulations to Dave for making the Sea Angler Penn League Final, Good Luck.

The committee has decided that if the weather conditions at the venue are too bad on a Thursday night match the steward has the right to cancel it. Sunday daytime matches will be made into a rover if the venue is unfishable due to weather conditions.

27th January 2007.
I would like to report that the Chesil Beach is fishing well after reports of oil being washed up on some of the beaches. The oil came in on debris from the MSC Napoli that was grounded at Branscoombe. All the oil has been cleaned up and the beaches are the cleanest I have ever seen them, well done to all the volunteers that cleaned them up. I fished (yes at last) West Bexington tonight and caught whiting, poor cod & dogfish. Keep a look out for me as I plan to fish a lot more. Tiny

30th September 2006
The Jurassic Open Boat Festival was cancelled this weekend due to the bad weather. the new date for the festival is 14th & 15th October 2006 fished to the same times, sign on from 8.00am each day. West Bay SAC apologies for any inconvenience

 but this decision was taken for everyone's safety.

30th July 2006
Today saw the junior's annual trip to Brixham to fish an open competition, for full report & picture click here

19th July
The stand that the club had at the food festival won the prize for the best stand. We had lots of interest from the people who visited the food festival with one new member joining the club.

8th & 9th July: Your club will be having a stand at the Bridport Food Festival in Askers Meadow on Saturday 8th July & Sunday 9th July to promote the club and sea angling. the stall will be manned by Tiny & Maureen with PJ Wheeler & Dave Chidzoy showing people how to tie rigs,  the rigs will be available to purchase. So why not come along and get some tips from Dave & PJ.

17th June 2006: Dave Chidzoy continues to shine in non club matches with 1st overall in the ISSACS fished at Ferry Bridge. he weighed in 13 Dogfish, 4 Pout, 4 Smoothound's & a specimen Spur dog weighing 8 lb 12 oz. He also came second in Weymouth's RNLI match.

6th June 2006 The Mackerel are showing on the piers again

27th May 2006: Junior member Paul Grinter who fished the Andy Neal Rover tonight at Lyme Regis has just broken the club record for Bull Huss with one weighing 4 kg 40 g (8 lb 14.5 oz) which has beaten the previous record by 752 g (1 lb 10.5 oz) which was held by Don Welch. Photo will appear as soon as I receive a copy.

20th May 2006: The Jurassic open boat festival had a big boost today when Atlantic Fishers donated a Atlantic Fisher 260 Dinghy with engine & Trailer as the first prize for the competition.



6th JUNE 2006 7.30P




Club member Dave Chidzoy has just heard that he has been chosen for the
National Federation Of Sea Anglers England Squad.

This will come as no surprise to those that know Dave as he is a keen and good angler, who last year had a clean sweep of the club's species league winning match point champion, league champion & handicap league champion.

Also in 2005 Dave  won the galeforce league, the Chesil league (the only person to win it two years running), came 1st in zone twice and had one 2nd & 3rd in the Wessex spring league, came 3rd in the Chesil Champs,  came 4th in the Weymouth RNLI , came 3rd in the Swanage & District open , came 2nd in the Echo Open , came 2nd in the Weymouth Xmas Open , and also qualified for the Penn sea league Final where the top 40 anglers in the country qualify & to top it all won a holiday to Guernsey.

Even though Dave has come a long way since he joined the club as a junior member in 1992 at the age of 12yrs he has never forgotten his roots. He can often be seen at West Bay during junior matches passing his knowledge onto the next generation of anglers who one day may follow in his footsteps.

When asked how he felt about being chosen for the England squad he replied "It is brilliant as it has been one of my ambitions to be chosen as a member of the England squad for many years, but it has taken a lot of hard work to achieve the standard required and I would like to thank the former junior Secretary Mr Ian Draper for all his help and coaching over the years and thanks to the club for all their support".

Good luck for the future Dave.